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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Welcome to the Pregnancy Institute Blog.

Pregnancy Institute is conducting an ongoing study of stillbirth. Our goal is to collect stillbirth stories which will allow insights into how babies are lost. Currently PI has interviewed over 1000 couples . These interviews have revealed fetal behaviors which we believe warn of fetal stress.

For example in a recent story in The New Yorker ; 5/1/2006, Vol 82 Issue 11, p48-53
Irene Raeburn Died December 28, 2004 --- written by Daniel Raeburn
Daniel describes Rebekah having to sit down due to an episode of dizzyness and nausea. She then noticed her "visibly thrumming belly". This observation is due to fetal hyperactivity. The baby will move in response to low blood pressure. This commonly occurs at bedtime when the mom goes to bed. Hyperactivity means the baby is not comfortable and is adjusting its position. If hyperactivity is noticed, PI recommends that an ultrasound be done to look for evidence of of fetal stress. JH Collins MD


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